Ethereal gowns for the less-traditional bride

– Alexander Grecco

New York label Alexandra Grecco create truly luxe gowns for the contempory bride. With minimal clean lines and a fresh take on romantic designs, Alexandra Grecco keeps an eye on fashion while focussing on beautifully imagined details such as botanical full skirts and sleek open backs, to stylish two-pieces and billowing star embroidered capes, enabling you to tell a timeless story of modern day romance.

Daughters of Simone Logo

Romance and antique lace, blossom trees and billowy sleeves…this is what young love should feel like

– Daughters of Simone

Created by San Franciscan sisters Brittany and Ashley Castanos, this beautifully luxurious bohemian label captures the true essence of love, bringing back what has been missing in the wedding industry for so long: authenticity, romance and not least soul. The name itself is inspired by female philosopher Simone de Beauvoir, a woman who followed her own path despite the expectations of her time. Designer Brittany manages to incorporate this ethos into all of her designs. There’s no surprise that these truly stunning, powerful, yet all at once feminine and romantic gowns,  made from the most alluring fabrics, capture the hearts and minds of the wild bride with a gypsy soul who appreciates the beauty of life and marches to the beat of her own drum.

Legends take moments to make, and you revel in every one

– Chantel Lauren

This Utah based bridal label Chantel Lauren creates truly iconic gowns for spirited wild brides. Each gown is lovingly handmade using luxurious silks, lace, chiffon and exquisite hand painted Italian tulle.  Whether your style is bohemian, classic or you wish to be transformed into a majestic princess for the day, the awesome woman behind the magic, Chantel Galloway has got your back with this stunningly poetic collection of romantic yet cool handmade bridal gowns.

and for love logo

Join our tribe, and make way for the new bride

– & For Love

Toronto designer Angel Spendlove and her team know that for a woman to stay true to herself on her wedding day, sometimes a few rules need to be broken…and well…that’s pretty cool by our book! And if there’s one label we trust to break the boundaries of the wedding industry it’s without a doubt in our minds &FORLOVE. Angel manages to seamlessly blend unique and unexpected designs and fabrics with a classic modern vibe, while never loosing the luxury every bride craves. These stunning and effortlessly elegant high fashion gowns are inspired by real life and of course by love. So it follows that these gowns are adored by a new breed of bride: the chilled out, laid back woman who knows that all being a “bride” means is to put on that killer outfit that looks and feels amazing and enjoy the party that is her wedding day. Why sacrifice your true style and identity on the one day that represents your life’s journey?

She met a boy. They fell in love and got married. This is the beginning of the One Day story

– Chosen

Consistently pushing the boundaries of traditional bridal. Chosen by One Day designer, KYHA, with her instinctive style and eye for detail, creates unforgettable pieces with stunning silhouettes, which come together in a beautifully curated bridal line for modern women who want that little bit extra. Building somewhat of a cult following, our South Melbourne based label, Chosen, has set the bar sky high in the independent bridal scene.

Modern romance, relaxed femininity, and vintage sophistication

– Jackson and Grace

The sister label to our beloved designer & For Love, Canadian brand Jackson and Grace epitomises contemporary romance with a confident, feminine and effortless attitude. Drawing upon contemporary elements for the modern romantic bride, the brands focus is to capture an effortless and romantic feel for brides under £1500.